Monday, June 23, 2008

Getting camper prepared for summer trips

Since it's already summer on the northern hemisphere, it's time to get camper ready for any summer trips. Since it was broken last year, we missed our opportunity to go somewhere with camper and had to use my daewoo lanos and sleep in a tent instead. My Vanagon camper is at this moment operational, but not yet prepared.

First of all, we need to change the engine oil. The engine is at it's break-in (it was put together not more than 500 km / 300 miles ago), so the oil needs to be changed.

Second important thing (I'd say it's the most important on the to-do list) is to find out why the engine leaks oil. I have to determine at what rate the oil is being lost. I can go somewhere with leaking engine, but I have to be sure when to pour some extra oil in the engine. I also need to know that this leak won't become greater after some time... We guess that oil leaks from the turbine.

Those are the two most important things. But there are some other things that need to be done or should be done. Or even could be done.

The less important things are:

  • install some new speakers in the camper's doors,
  • put together the rest of extra wiring for leisure electric devices,
  • get a new camping battery, preferably a gel type battery,
  • check if the camping 230V electrical wiring works fine (I bought today on the internet an interface that can be used to connect the camping plug to standard socket that can be found on polish campsites).
We plan on going to KoĊ‚obrzeg somewhere around july 24th. On 25th-27th there's Sunrise Festival - a well known polish house and trance music festival. We plan to go see Armin van Buuren and Markus Schulz on 25th. After that we'll probably stay there for a couple more days, to sit on the beach and sunbathe (we could even go swimming!), or go somewhere else and stick around there. We'll probably take our bikes along (good thing I have an original bike rack for Vanagons (actually I have two of them -- interested in getting one?)) or do something else for fun.

On this weekend I plan to visit my parents in their summer retreat, and work a little on the camper. On thursday I am going to meet Tomek and take a look into the engine. We'll see what we'll come up with.