Monday, June 26, 2006

So I'm finally buying the T3

We went with Tomek and my girlfriend Ania to Gostynin, to see the Volkswagen T3 Multivan I mentioned earlier. The trip took two hours in Tomek's VW Vito, I was very glad that it has air conditioning because it was very hot that evening.

The car we saw was astonishing. It was so beautiful that Tomek asked if he should take off his shoes before getting inside. You couldn't find any rust on it. It has a 1.6 liter turbocharged diesel engine, a parking heater, curtains in windows, comfortable and large bed (but I'd prefer not to use it as a passenger), one of the front seats can be rotated to inside the car.

The T3 has few minor faults. The belt that drives the injection timing needs to be changed and some other things need to be done, but that doesn't affect the price since I'll give the car to a friend who'll repair those things for a few dollars.

The price, the most important thing. The guy wanted to sell the car for PLN 7,500 ($2,500). I spoke with Tomek that he should be the one discussing the price because he owned in his life more than 50 cars (he's 24 years old) and bought more than 40. So he said that we'll buy the car for PLN 6,000 ($2,000) and the guy who wanted to sell it will not have to change the injection timing. And he agreed. Tomek said that he was surprised the guy agreed that fast, because he always negotiated the price to the last PLN 50 ($17).

Since the car was brought from Germany now I need to get license plates for the car.

Friday, June 23, 2006

The second try to see the T3

Last week, on sunday, I was unable to go with Tomek to Gostynin, because I had to stay at work to 12:30 AM. I was supposed to leave work at 6 PM and go there, but had to stay much longer.

I called the owner of the car, I'm going to meet him on saturday. Tomorrow I don't go to work so nothing will stop me this time. :)

Friday, June 16, 2006

T3 closer than ever

On sunday we (my friend Tomek and I) are going to Gostynin (160 km, 100 miles from Warsaw), to take a look at VW T3 multivan Tomek found on Allegro (polish online auctions site, something like e-bay). I hope the car will look alive as it looks on the photographs, because I like what I saw on them.

W niedzielę jedziemy z Tomkiem do Gostynina (160 km od Warszawy), zobaczyć VW T3 Multivana, którego Tomek znalazł na Allegro. Mam nadzieję, że na miejscu samochód okaże się zgodny z tym, co widać na zdjęciach, bo podoba mi się to, co ma w środku i jak wygląda.

Sunday, June 11, 2006

Difficult search for VW T3

I thought the only thing that stops me from buying T3 is lack of money. So I waited to earn and save enough so I could buy something interesting. Not a totally wrecked junk that'll disintegrate itself after I purchase it. At that moment I had many T3s to choose from.

When finally I have enough money to buy a nice Volkswagen T3 (at the moment: something around PLN 8,000 (USD 2,900)), but there's nothing interesting on the market.

At the moment I can choose from two transporters.
The first is near Warsaw, worth PLN 4,500 (USD 1,600), 1.6 litre diesel, naturally aspirated unfortunatelly.
The second is in Gdynia, 400 km away, guy wants to get PLN 5,000 ($1,800). This one has the inside taken from multivan (folded table and bed). The guy who put the ad on the internet is not answering my emails and didn't give his phone number. I can't ask him where's the catch. It's got to be somewhere, because the T3 like this should cost something around PLN 7,000 (more than $2,500). The guy might not be aware of what the car's worth. Or the car might be damaged.