Friday, April 17, 2009

I washed the camper

To be more specific -- I paid for car wash. ;) I have a car wash close to the place I park my camper, so having a day off today I drove my camper there to have it washed.

I paid 25 PLN ($7.33) for 40 minutes of two guys' work. The camper looked that great two years ago, just after the paint job. ;)

From Volkswagen Transporter T3

The removed all the dirt, but they also removed some paint from the place where the two sheets of metal are connected on the left part of the camper's body.

I now am wondering what to do to protect this spot from instantaneus rusting.

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Tomek's T3 Syncro

Last sunday we went with Tomek to Alwernia to buy a T3 (Vanagon) Syncro bus for him. The decision was made briefly, on previous evening. He then called the guy who posted an ad on the internet and they decided to meet on sunday. On sunday evening the red T3 Syncro was bought.

Yesterday Tomek and his fiancee Magda visited us with their bus. It was the first time the two T3's stood near, so we made their first photo together.

From Volkswagen Transporter T3
At the first glance you can see that the red Vanagon is a Syncro, one that has 4 Wheel Drive. It's suspension is higher and the space between the front wheel and the body is significantly larger.

Besides the 4WD and 5 speed gearbox (4 standard gears from 1 to 4 plus G gear -- something similar to very short first gear) in the same setup I have in my gearbox (my 1st gear is his G, my 2nd is his 1st and so on) the van has a couple of cool things.

First of all, the grill with rectangular headlights, taken from my red multivan I bought two years ago for the engine and gearbox. It also has:
  • meter with clock (broken),
  • sun roof,
  • foldable triangular windows,
  • heated driver's seat!

On the same evening we went to a place where Tomek could use his 4 wheel drive. Magda made some photos, I recorded a couple of videos, they'll be posted here in future.