Sunday, March 29, 2009

driving my new T3

At the moment I am driving a red 1989 volkswagen T3 syncro that Tomek bought for himself this evening. Since he borrowed the money from me, I may consider it to be mine. ;-)

More info in near future.

Saturday, March 21, 2009

my son in my camper

I had a bit trouble to fit the child seat to the front seat as the seatbelt couldn't be extended anymore, but as you can see, I finally managed to do it.

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Front suspension repair

For some time I heard weird noises when driving on potholes (very common on polish roads and streets) from below the seat. Knocking or pounding that is. So I was aware that the front suspension would need some investments, especially since on one of previous vehicle inspections the guy told me couple of parts will soon need to be replaced.

Last week I drove the camper to one of local workshops to have the wheels changed. But since I was already there, I thought that I'll ask for inspecion of the front suspension. I was told that couple of parts need to be replaced. I left the camper there. On monday I got a phone call and the guy from the workshop told me some other parts need to be changed because they can't set the front wheels in the proper position (angles and stuff -- sorry, I don't know the jargon behind it and I left the repair manual in the camper).

I paid total of 2,000 PLN ($552) for the work and for the parts. I am not able to list here all the parts that were replaced (for the same reason as stated above), but along those parts one kingpin and two wheel bearings were changed. The old kingpin had almost no thread in one place and visible wear on one of the working surfaces.

I also paid for the vehicle inspection. With that inspection comes a funny story. They called me today in the morning to tell me that the camper is ready, but there's a small trouble with the inspection. I was told that they can't find the chassis number in the camper. I went online and checked on a discussion forum that the number was supposed to be on one of the horizontal bars of the frame of the van. To see it you need to get under the camper and look forward on the bar that goes from right to left just after the right front wheel. When I got to the workshop the camper was still on the lift so I went below, took a light and easily found the number just where it was supposed to be.

Saturday, March 7, 2009

Winter tires bought

I wrote some time ago that I wanted to buy winter tires. So I bought them, that's why we had to go to Łódź recently.

I bought on (the polish alternative to eBay) a set of four steel wheel rims and four Barum SnoVanis 185x85xR14C tires for 400 PLN ($110). One of the tires was broken, so I called the local workshop and asked if they could sell me one such tire and install the wheels on the camper. For that tire, installing it on the rim (with balancing) and putting all the wheels on the camper I paid 254 PLN ($70).

I left the camper in the workshop for a bit longer than I planned, but I'll write about it in the near future. ;)