Sunday, June 11, 2006

Difficult search for VW T3

I thought the only thing that stops me from buying T3 is lack of money. So I waited to earn and save enough so I could buy something interesting. Not a totally wrecked junk that'll disintegrate itself after I purchase it. At that moment I had many T3s to choose from.

When finally I have enough money to buy a nice Volkswagen T3 (at the moment: something around PLN 8,000 (USD 2,900)), but there's nothing interesting on the market.

At the moment I can choose from two transporters.
The first is near Warsaw, worth PLN 4,500 (USD 1,600), 1.6 litre diesel, naturally aspirated unfortunatelly.
The second is in Gdynia, 400 km away, guy wants to get PLN 5,000 ($1,800). This one has the inside taken from multivan (folded table and bed). The guy who put the ad on the internet is not answering my emails and didn't give his phone number. I can't ask him where's the catch. It's got to be somewhere, because the T3 like this should cost something around PLN 7,000 (more than $2,500). The guy might not be aware of what the car's worth. Or the car might be damaged.

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