Tuesday, July 4, 2006

T3 purchase: failure

On friday the guy who sells the T3 called me to say that the car was towed to a police parking. His friend borrowed the car to go somewhere and was halted by a police officer. As the car was not registered in Poland yet (and was brought from Germany), they towed the car to the parking and the guy was asked to visit the police station for questioning.

Seems that I won't buy this car. The guy said that he'll send me the money I left him back, along with some cash to cover the trip.

At the moment there are two T3s I want to see.
* First is a Vanagon (version of T3 for american market), with 2.9 liter engine, 200 HP and a lot of rust. It costs less than $1,500. The car is somewhere near Warsaw. It has LPG autogas tank and installation.
* Second is a camping version of T3 -- along with bed and table it has a sink, stove and few cupboards. The guy wants to sell it for $3,000. The car is in Kraków, 300 km (180 miles) from Warsaw.

I guess that I will go and see the first one, if I'll like it, I'll buy it. It'll be a very frightening experience to drive a car with 200 HP after using a fiat 126 with small, 24 HP engine...

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