Tuesday, October 10, 2006

That was no real malfunction

As I found out, it was not a real trouble... It was nothing. I had this thing once, in my Fiat 126p.

My friend Tomek came to help. I showed him what was going on, he told me to turn the headlights on. Then the hazard lights. Both didn't work. I thought there was a trouble with the ignition. He told me that hazard lights aren't powered through the ignition, so we needed to search for the electrical failure somewhere else.

He advised me to take a look at the battery. I thought it was stupid, because the battery had enough energy (proper voltage, I measured yesterday). Since the engine hatch was open, I opened the trunk.

Tomek checked first the connection terminals. He moved the negative (ground) terminal and told me that it's in such poor condition that he isn't surprised I have trouble. He moved it a bit, told me to try starting the engine. It started. I removed the terminal, cleaned the bolt with a metal brush (I got it when I used my 126p) and put the terminal back in place. I started the engine and we went to McDonald's with out two vans to drink coffee.

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