Monday, January 7, 2008

Volkswagen T3 Multivan for sale

You probably aren't interested in buying a VW T3 from me. It's probably easier to purchase one near you. But I thought it's worth trying. :)

I bought the car in june 2007, because mine VW T3 needed an engine replacement. We thought that we'll dismantle the car and sell it piece by piece. But Tomek and I never had enough time to do it. So the engine and gearbox were removed. Now there's 1.6 litre naturally aspirated diesel (the one that I broke and needed to be replaced) and four speed gearbox. The engine isn't operational. Both engine and gearbox may be installed or just thrown inside the trunk. Depends on customer's choice. ;)

The roof rack isn't part of the offer. It'll be the best thing to use with the one I have on my T3 when I need to move something large, like a boat. :)

Here are photos, made during that trip to Germany.

From Volkswagen Tr...

The rest of this very interesting story (how I broke the T3 on may 2007 and how we were unable to get it fixed till now) will be posted here eventually. I don't know when. If you want to see the story posted here, write a comment. :)


ktimorio said...

I want to read the story. Write it down! ;)

I also had a broken engine 5 years ago... Lots of work if you want to fix it! ;)

gpapps said...

I have been looking at your site with intrest.I have a transporter like yours ,i want to fix a pop up roof like yours , where can I purchase one .
Many thanks

Krzysztof Lis said...

Hi Garham,

I have no idea! The only pop-up roofs I saw somewhere (on Ebay I guess?) was the larger version from Westfalia.

raja said...

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