Saturday, August 9, 2008

Holidays in Kolobrzeg - photo summary

I posted here some info on our summer holidays near Kołobrzeg. Now it's a good time to summarize the entire trip. I always liked photos and made some, so I'll post selected photos as a good summary.

From Volkswagen Tr...

You can see here the camper's cupboards filled with food and clothes. We hardly managed to put everything inside. :)

I like this closet, 'cause it allows the clothes to hang almost freely. And it is really huge (compared to space in my VW T3). I think I'll add a mirror on the inside of the door.

Bikes attached to bike mount. If you'd like to buy such bike mount, contact me, I have one spare. :)

This 12V->230V electricity inverter is an important part of my camper's electrical equipment. But on this photo it was used by my dad to charge his cellphone from his camper's battery.

The bed is large.

The first evening.

The first evening (cont).

Mig-21's we saw on our way to Borne Sulinowo, on an airfield close to Nadarzyce.

In the Borne Sulinowo. These buildings were part of russian military base.

Second day of our trip, road somewhere between Borne Sulinowo and Kołobrzeg. It's a result of asking GPS software to find the shortest route. As you can see, the road was very narrow. I was glad we didn't have to pass any other cars... :)

That's me, removing the back cover of my fridge.


The back of the fridge. You can see how precise the removal of cupboard's back was. You can also see my camping battery and solar charger.

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