Monday, September 29, 2008

Small repairs

On saturday I spent a couple of hours with my camper, making some small repairs.

The most important thing was to fill the oil in the engine as it's level was below minimum. I had oil in 4 liter can so it was a bit difficult to pour it into the inlet. I used a flexible hose I got with a tank of screen washer fluid (brand new, so I didn't introduce any washer fluid into the oil tank). I poured 0.5 liter of oil.

The next thing was to replace the bulb in the left front light. The left headlamp worked only with high beam (driving beam) but not with low beam (passing beam). But it was not the light that was broken. It was caused by an old fuse, as it's wire broke.

I also found out why the two rear registration plate lamps didn't work. The cause was as simple as two broken bulbs.

I enjoy working with my camper when it's such easy... ;)


RG said...

Is it your VW t3 Petrol or Fuel. Do you Know the average, max and minimum consumption for a vw T3 1500cc petrol van?

Nice blog

Krzysztof Lis said...

Hi rg,

My T3 is diesel fueled. I don't know the fuel consumption for VW T3 with 1.5 litre petrol (gasoline) engine, but I suggest you to look at, a large database of cars and engines. You'll surely find some T3 with 1.5 engine there!