Sunday, January 4, 2009

So far it does drive

From Volkswagen Transporter T3

As you can see on the picture above, the camper handles winter well. I mean... it does work! A real winter will come to Poland in just a couple of days, today it was just a couple degrees below zero centigrade and a bit of snow.

I remember the first winter when I owned this van. I remember being worried if the car will start the next morning. You can see this anxiety in some of my previous posts, like this one: Was it too cold for my old diesel?? Now, since the camper has a new engine, it does start in such conditions. Soon after it's started it coughs a little (I don't push the throttle as I know that it takes some time for oil to lubricate every part of the engine after it's started and I don't want to add any extra wear).

I think I won't be using the Vanagon for the next couple of weeks. And it's not the frost I am worried. I just don't want the salt* to rust every possible part of my van's chassis.

* Salt is being used in Poland to help cleaning the snow off the streets. It literally melts it, but also helps the rust to eat our cars.

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