Friday, February 20, 2009

Buying winter tires

Today my daewoo lanos (the car I use every day) couldn't start when at -6,6°C the battery didn't supply enough current to the starter. So I had to drive to the railway station (I go to work by train) with the camper (the van I use on weekends). The camper had no trouble starting at all. I just turned the ignition switch, waited 20 seconds for the glow plugs to warm the engine and started it easily.

I only had small trouble parking the van near the train station. I couldn't drive left front wheel on the sidewalk through the curb as it just slid along it's frozen surface. I had to back up a little and cross the curb in another place.

I think I will buy a set of winter tires. Not because driving on snow and mud in winter on summer tires is dangerous. I had trouble with the camper only once, when the rear wheels lost the grip as I changed the gear (used clutch too fast). I am aware of those dangers so I drive slowly. But I want to buy those tires because I want to avoid getting stuck in snow. ;)

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