Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Spring cleaning of the camper

Last Saturday I did some cleanup in the camper with Ania. To be honest, it was very peculiar cleanup.

The idea was to prepare the camper to make some photos of the camping equipment. For 3 years I never had a chance to make good photos of the fridge, sink, stove, cupboards, etc. If I made any photo, there was some unnecessary stuff on it as well. So that had to be done.

First of all, we removed all the stuff that’s driving there with us:

  • two foldable chairs,
  • a shovel,
  • a foldable shovel,
  • a scepter (in parts),
  • 25 liters of peat,
  • two water bottles of 5-l capacity,
  • aluminum fuel canister, with 20 l of petrodiesel,
  • five airsoft replicas,
  • helmet and protective eyewear for airsoft games,
  • engine oil,
  • machete,
  • chainsaw,
  • fuel and oil for the saw,
  • blankets and sleeping bags,
  • and some other stuff.
My airsoft replicas were moved to the camper couple of months ago, when we had to make some extra space in our apartment for our son’s cupboard. I go to the airsoft games with the camper, so the replicas may be stored there – I won’t have to carry them on me from our apartment to the camper and back every Sunday.

I also carry in the camper a lot of gardening tools, for a purpose, so I don’t have to take them with me every time I work on my piece of ground.
All the stuff mentioned above doesn’t have its place in the cupboards or the "trunk" (the two stashes below the bed). There’s no space left...

In the large stash I have:
  • toolbox,
  • two small boxes with some electrical equipment (wires, bulbs, connectors),
  • air compressor,
  • towing cable,
  • starter cable,
  • some spare parts, like fuel filter and old indicator lights,
  • wires of different length,
  • lift,
  • bottle of windscreen washer fluid.

The small stash holds:
  • working clothes,
  • fuel tank (10 l of biodiesel),
  • 5 liters of distilled water,
  • cooling liquid,
  • fire extinguisher,
  • second towing cable,
  • emergency triangle.
As you can see, all the stuff mentioned before has to be placed elsewhere. Mostly on the mattress of the bed or on the floor of the camper.

We threw all the unnecessary stuff out, washed the dishes along with the sink and stove, found some interesting stuff below the driver’s and passenger’s seats, made some photos and put everything back to the camper. But this time – in some order.

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