Thursday, April 15, 2010

Camper home again

Yesterday after work I drove with Tomek to mr. Zbyszek, who repaired my camper for the last month. I left it to him to have the gearbox repaired, hoped that he would find some time to fix some other things.

When I left my camper, Zbyszek told me that he would fix it in his free time. And because of that he didn't have time to fix anything else, but the gearbox. In the gearbox he replaced only one syncronizer, the one responsible for synchronization of the second gear, and the gear oil. Nothing else required fixing.

I am not worried that he didn't fix all the other things I thought he might. Except the engine that uses some motor oil all the other things are not very important. And for the engine we have a solution. Tomek wants to replace his engine in his Syncro, so I would get his original 1.6 turbocharged diesel. We will probably replace the engines in the autumn, as doing it now might get us stuck in the garage during summer holiday.

I paid 700 PLN (less than $250). And I am not afraid to use the second gear anymore.

Driving back home I went to a nearby town, to buy biodiesel for 3.55 PLN / liter. The petrodiesel costs 4.17 PLN / liter where I live, so I saved 0.60 PLN for each liter of fuel (equivallent to $0.21 per liter, or $0.80 per US gallon).

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