Sunday, November 13, 2011

Vanagon RV prepared for winter

I don't use the vanagon during winter time, as I own a second car that's much more reliable. Because of that I needed to drive the RV (camper) to a parking place where it would be safe, where I wouldn't risk that something will get stolen.

Did I mention that someone stole my CB antenna, one of the mirrors and the plastic cap that ends the front bumper?

So I started the vanagon, drove it to the parking place, poured all the water stored in all tanks out (both the water in freshwater tank and all the potable water that I carry as well). And it finished my winter preparations.


I don't have any biodiesel left in my fuel tank, so I could start the engine in winter. I think that the glowplugs are broken and don't work, so it might be a little difficult (or even impossible, without firing a bonfire below the engine ;) ).

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sam_acw said...

nice to see you're still using it. If only I could convice my wife to get one!