Saturday, September 30, 2006

After camping vacation

I wrote couple days ago that I was going for a summer camping vacation. So now I'll write about how the camper worked on that trip.

The LED lamp and my camping solar set worked great! I don't have to guess if the energy stored in the battery is enough or not. If the energy runs out, the charge controller simply disconnects the lamp. At that moment you need to use the energy from the car's battery or candles (BTW, I have a large stock of candles in the camper). The LED lamp gives less light than the original lamp above the window, but it's better than nothing.

Connecting two water tanks together (I'll write about it soon) was a great idea, because it simply doubled the car water supply. It seems that nothing's changed, because it's the same two tanks of the same capacity. True, but taking the water pump from one of the tanks and putting it to the second one is disturbing. My modification halves the chance of running out of water in the middle of doing dishes.

I had some trouble with engine temperature gauge. While I was accelerating uphill, the LED started blinking red and indicator went to the right end of the temperature scale. Some time later it went back to its normal position. Perhaps there's not enough water in the cooling system?

Summarising -- I drove 900 kilometers (560 miles) with average fuel consumption below 8l / 100 km (35 MPG). I must admit, I drove slowly (70...80 km/h - 44...50 mph).

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