Friday, November 23, 2007

Bus still in pieces

The camper is still not fixed. Tomek has some trouble getting the german engine together, he can't get some parts for camshaft positioning and crankshaft / connecting rod spacers. To save the situation he's looking for any working engine that's in one piece, to put it inside the camper, without opening it up. He should do so at the beginning.

To be honest, during last 12 months I had little chance to drive my VW T3. :(


ktimorio said...

Hi, its me again.

I read about your problem getting those special tools. I think I found on german ebay what you need:
Check this:

Maybe this helps you. IMO its better to fix the engine on your own, than buying another old one where you cant really know the actual state of the engine. Buying those special tools is a good investment if you want to keep your bus for several years.


Krzysztof Lis said...

Kai, you're 100% right! It IS more reasonable to fix the engine we now have in pieces. This way we'll be absolutely sure it'll be in perfect shape. And my friend and mechanic Tomek tried to repair it, change the pieces I mentioned.

Right now Tomek has to empty his yard of all the metal junk he has there. Including my two Volkswagens... He doesn't have much time and can't wait for the parts to finally arrive, so he thought it'd be easier and faster to buy another engine. The one we have in pieces will finally, some day, be repaired. :)