Saturday, November 10, 2007

Small VW T1 model

I bought it couple weeks ago for some $10. Looks nice, but could be made better, more precisely...

If I have some money to spare, I'll try to buy another one on eBay. :)

From Volkswagen Tr...

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Jens said...

no direct comment to the model..
I have an old 1985 T3 in Ireland which is going well but rusting away.
Last year I bought a 1990 T3 Caravelle which needed an engine. A neighbour here had a very good 1.6l TD engine which he gave to me. I got a new timing belt for the engine and sent it to Hamburg where someone put the engine into the T3.
She is going well but I see problems getting the T3 over to Ireland, then to insure the T3 in Ireland is difficult because we drive on the left hand side here.
My nephew wanted to buy the T3 in Hamburg but he has not enough money to get the T3 through the technical TUV test.
Do you know of any good garages in Poland who might do up the T3 and put her into good shape? Are there some near the German-Polish border?
Does someone there speak German or English? I would sell them the T3 or ask them to do it up so I can get it through TUV in Germany.
Thanks for help,
Jens in Ireland