Sunday, April 13, 2008

If I was to buy VW T3 right now

I'd choose Volkswagen Doka, Doppelkabine. A lot of space for both passengers and cargo. Preferably it'd be a Syncro (4x4 version), but may be as on the following photo:

From Volkswagen Tr...


tzepu said...

i am interested in buying such a car, and i only found trash or very high prices (and all together are just few offers)
can you advice me about where to search for more selling offers, to have where from to take the one that suits me better ( i need a car in a good condition , and as cheap as possible)

Krzysztof Lis said...

In Poland we get most of our cars cheap from abroad, especially from Germany, Holland, Belgium and France. They sell their used cars cheap enough to be worth driving them more than 1,000 km to Poland.

I have no idea where do you live, but if I was to buy any T3, I'd look on eBay or
I just found over 680 of them. :)

tzepu said...

first of all, i live in Romania, but even so, buying this kind of car is the best deal for me (considering that the average monthly payment is about 300 euros, and the food is twice more expensive than in Germany for example)
secondly, the first place to look for something like this was indeed and, but
and this is a big but
i am looking for a T3,doka,syncro and in a good shape
i need the car in country roads too (that is why i want syncro)
i want it doka (for the reasons 'the bloggmaster' here just enumerated at the begining)
i want it in a good shape (for the reasons i enumerated earlier)
and now come back to that but used before
the problem is that this kind of car is very difficult to find
you can not find it on,,and so
if you find some, you will find them at about 6000 pounds(british currency)(in perfect shape,of course), or trash (that it does not worth 1000 euros(nor the trip from Romania and back)
that is my problem, and i hoped that you guys could lead me to some honest,good offers

Krzysztof Lis said...

Now I get what's the problem.

Unfortunatelly I don't have any better solution for you. :(