Sunday, November 22, 2009

New alternator installed in august

In august, just couple days after we came back from the first part of our camping holidays, I had to replace the alternator. The summary of this camping trip is still waiting to be translated, along with first part of more detailed description. I also didn't write about this alternator change, this text also is waiting to be translated... I am sure at some moment I will be update this blog with those posts.

Today I finally got the photos Tomek took when I changed that alternator. The first photo shows me holding the old one, with the new one installed. I was happy the work was done, but it wasn't. In a nutshell, I bought a 90 A alternator instead of a smaller 65 A one, and while it did fit in place, the pulley for the V-belt did not. We had to drive back to the store, leave the more powerful alternator and get the proper one. At that moment shown on the photo I didn't yet know the new alternator won't fit the V-belt.

From Volkswagen Transporter T3

The second photo shows the new alternator installed. How weird does it look, all so clean, right? The red wire lying on the left hand side of the photo was used to diagnose what was the problem.

And this is what the fried (burnt) charge controller looked like. :)

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