Friday, December 18, 2009

First frosts this winter

It's not weird that in december temperature in Poland drops below zero centigrade (32°F), but every year we have the same set of events that clearly proves the winter has arrived. It's cold (today it was -12°C = 10°F), 5 cm (2 in) snow fell on the ground, and we have a lot of traffic jams in most of Polish towns and cities.

I wanted to take my bus for a ride to visit my lot on sunday, but I am not sure if I will do it. I am not sure if I want to leave my apartment on the forecasted -15°C (5°F), and if I do, I am not sure if my camper will start.

I added anti-freeze liquid to my windscreen washer fluid, so I hope it didn't freeze yet. The pump leaks somewhere, so after I turn it off washer fluid remaining in the lines and nozzles flows back to the tank. Because of that I am not afraid of freezing in the lines or nozzles.

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