Wednesday, June 30, 2010

new electronic gadgets

Month ago I ordered two cool electronic gadgets that will be installed in my RV/camper Vanagon. Both are electronic kits to be assembled at home in a DIY fashion. I like soldering such kits and that's why I ordered them in such form (I might purchase them already put together).

The first is a electronic thermomether, capable of measuring temperatures in two points, with two sensors. It has two-colored LED display, one color displays the first sensor's temperature, the second the other.

Why do I need such thermometer?

I always wanted to know the inside and outside temperature. To know how cold it is in the evening and how warm it is inside my camper. One of the sensors will be installed inside, probably will be attached to one of cabinets. The other I will attach to the radiator or the coolant hose to measure also the temperature of water reaching the radiator. I am not certain if my cooling system works properly, so I need something that will let me know if it fails. The original temperature gauge is not enough -- I destroyed one engine while looking only at this gauge.

The display looks the following:

The second gadget is a electronic water level gauge, that will measure the level inside the clear water tank. It is not difficult to check how much water it is holding (you need to open a cabinet, remove the plastic that covers the opening in the tank and cast a bit of light using flashlight). It is not difficult, but I prefer to use such a gauge.

The sensor and gauge looks the following:

Both kits are manufactured and sold by AVT, a leading polish supplier of such equipment, and can be bought here and here.

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