Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Plans for summer holiday

June is almost gone, soon people will start going for their summer holiday. Maybe we should also make some plans for our vacation?

Since 2006 my friend Tomek and I want to go for a camping trip around Baltic Sea. But every year something stops us. Last year our son was born, this year his dauther was born, which makes it difficult for both our families.

The idea was great. We wanted to drive around the Baltic Sea during three or four weeks, with one small trick. We didn't want to visit Russia, so we would use a ferry from Estonia to Finland. Our trip would look similar to the following:

To be more specific: from Poland to Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia. From Tallin (the capital of Estonia) to Helsinki (the capital of Finland). Then to Norway, to the North Cape, then via Sweden back to the Norway and the North Sea coast, to see the Preikestolen.

It would probably be my last trip there, so I would want to see as much as I could.

Of course we would sleep in our campers, to save money. As far as I know it is possible to camp everywhere in Scandinavia, not only on registered campsites. :)

It seems we won't go there this year. I plan to spend two weeks of my holiday building a small strawbale shack on my lot where I want to have my autonomous house in the future.

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