Thursday, May 1, 2008

I got my camper back!

Yesterday I got my camper back. When I called the mechanic in the morning, he told me he was repairing it till 2 AM the previous night and had to do some stuff. After work I went to his shop and got the van.

I was told that the metal part that holds spare wheel below the car is not compatible with five speed gearbox. For now I have to carry the wheel inside or replace that part. I don't know it's name, but in polish it's called basket.

The new gearbox caused me a lot of trouble. The first gear is far left and back, second is in a place that you just have to push the lever forward, third: pull the lever, fourth: push right and then forward, etc. To use the reverse gear you have to pull the lever to the far left and then push it to front.

There is one thing that may be broken. On low revs and on idle the red light that indicates insufficient oil pressure ligths. The mechanic told me that he checked the pressure with some external gauge and it was in the proper range, so this is probably caused by some failure of the indicator or pressure gauge.

We'll see how it will work. Tomek told me that I have to expect some small failures to be noticed. :)

Zobaczymy co będzie dalej. Tomek mówi, że teraz "będą wychodzić pierdoły"... ;)

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