Sunday, May 4, 2008

Yesterday we (me and my camper) had a very busy day.

First of all we went to visit my piece of ground, I had couple of things to do. The most important was to plant the christmas tree we had in a pot on our balcony since christmas. It had to wait so long because I wanted to carry it with my VW T3, not with my Daewoo Lanos...

Then we went to my future parents-in-law home to eat some lunch. But as I arrived there with my Bus I thought that I might do something with it.

I started with the right mirror. Since I bought the bus I wanted it to have spherical mirrors. I just didn't want to wait to get them from my second, red Transporter. (The VW T3 multivan I want to sell). Since I already had the mirror glass itself, I decided to change the glass only.

It wasn't difficult, it just needed a little work with the help of screwdriver and glue.

From Volkswagen Tr...
We removed the front frame that holds the glass to the back of the mirror. The glass was replaced with the spherical one. The notch in the back part of mirror casing was filled with glue, the front frame was attached and the entire mirror was left in the sun to dry the glue. Of course with proper weight to hold it all together.

Then it was time for the CB radio. My future father-in-law wanted to sell his CB and I needed a new one. I didn't want to spend the money he wanted to get, but somehow we managed to deal. I paid for it PLN 300 ($135) and promised to mow his lawn twice. ;) I wanted to buy a CB with PA (loudspeaker) function. The speaker itself I already purchased, I just need to get it from the near post office. ;)

I also looked into the engine compartment and saw that one of the vee-belts is broken. I wonder if it is used for any important feature... Now the T3 has only one vee-belt. ;)

I found some oil spots under the camper. I made two photographs to find out where it's leaking from. I suspect it's leaking through the turbocharger...


ktimorio said...


Its nice to see, that you finally have your car back. :)
But please make sure that the oil pressure is really ok, before you drive more with it when the warning lamp is still on.
It would make me sad if I hear in a few weeks that your new engine is broken again... :(

However, nice to see that you are back on the road! ;)

Krzysztof Lis said...

I hope you won't hear it again. I promised to myself to drive carefully this time.
The pressure indicator lights itself only on low revolution speeds, like on idle. I think it's not a big concern.