Friday, October 2, 2009

Holiday 2009/2 -- summary

This is the summary of the second part of our camping holiday we had this year, at the end of august. I know I still have to write about the first part of the holiday, and I promise to do it in the near future.

Our first destination was Poznań, from there we wanted to go south.
We travelled the total distance of over 1,300 km (800 miles). In a nutshell, the holiday was the following:

  • we travel via highway to Poznań, avoiding the points where we would have to pay for using the highway,
  • we spend the afternoon of the first day in Poznań, with the idea to sleep on a campsite there, but finally going to Stęszew (and spending the night there), as the campsite in Poznań was closed, 
  • we drive back to Poznań, listen to a trance concert, sleeping in the camper parked there,
  • the next day we visit a couple of places in Poznań and go to the Stęszew again, spending another night on a campsite in that town,
  • the following day we drive to Nowogrodziec, where we meet our friend and sleep at his place,
  • from there we drive to Karpacz (with a small detour to visit Turów and Czech Republic), spend two nights at a campsite,
  • then we climb the Śnieżka mountain and drive to Kudowa-Zdrój (again via Czech Republic), 
  • we spend the night there, the following morning we go sightseeing there and return home. 
We wanted to visit one other place -- Korbielów and climb the Pilsko mountain. We were there on our first camper holiday, in september 2006. But after climbing Śnieżka we were afraid that we won't complete the challenge. So we went home one day earlier.

We had not so many unpleasant surprises, I boiled the water in the cooling system only three times, and had to change the gas tank as the one I had ran out.

The picture below shows the scheme of the trip we made. More details in the following updates.

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