Saturday, July 26, 2008

at Kolobrzeg

Long time, no news. You might thought I died or the campervan broke or something... None of this happened, honestly speaking, the camper is now in its best shape ever, but that required some work to be done.
After leaving Krepsko, we drove with my parents to Borne Sulimowo, a town that 20 years ago held a large Russian military base. We ate there lunch and were going to separate for the rest of the trip. But when I wanted to start the engine, the starter didn't work. So dad pulled us and we started our camper's engine this way.
We arrived at a campsite near Kolobrzeg some two hours later (see photo). I had trouble with my cellphone charger, because of that I couldn't use my GPS software installed on my phone. We had to use old-fashioned maps instead. ;) And I had to make sure the engine will be running at all time...
Now the starter is fixed, more info on that tomorrow... In Poland it's midnight, a good time to go to sleep.

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