Tuesday, July 22, 2008


Tomorrow I am going for my wife, the day after we're going to Kołobrzeg on the Baltic Sea coast. Yesterday and two days ago I spent some time with my camper, preparing it for the trip.

I started with the most important issue on saturday. I had to check if the camper's 230V electricity worked. I am going to use it intensively during our holiday to power my electrolux camping refrigerator, laptop computer and probably some other stuff. I bought a connector that allowed me to connect my campervan to standard socket which can be found on polish campsites (and in our homes).

From Volkswagen Tr...

Then I had to check if there's any electricity inside the van. I put a lightbulb in my only 230V socket. As you can see, it worked.

The next stage was to clean the van and make some room in the trunk below the back seat. I use it for the most important things such as:
  • jack,
  • toolbox,
  • a box with lightbulbs, connectors, fuses and some other electrical stuff,
  • a box containing screwdriver and some bits,
  • compressor,
  • some spare parts,
  • some wires,
  • unused (yet) loudspeakers.
When I finally dug out the trunk and was able to vacuum it I was very proud.

To make some room in the camper, first I had to throw everything out.

The gray bucket is my camping bin. The black vessel with two handles in the back of the photo was a pot for a christmas tree I planted with my wife on my piece of land at the beginning of may. The shovel and scythe (you can see the wooden part of scythe on the photo, just under the fence) I use on my land and never have time to store them anywhere else than in the camper.

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