Sunday, July 27, 2008

repairs on the campsite (1)

Since we arrived at this campsite, I repaired some broken appliances here. That's why I wrote yesterday that my camper is in it's best shape ever...
The most important thing is the starter. Repairing it was the easiest on the list, though. I had the same thing some time ago (sorry, no URL today, you have to scroll through the blog's archive). Tomek repaired it easily and laughed at me as it was so easy to figure out what caused the starter to fail. He phoned me yesterday and gave me detailed instructions on what I need to do.
Do you see the blue cable, lying on the starter? It tells the quarter that I turned the ignition switch. It is of course supposed to be installed on the starter. I told you it was easy to fix...
Tomorrow: how I fixed the sink faucet and how I tried to make the fridge work on electricity and got electrocuted.

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