Monday, July 7, 2008

Fixing the oil leak

As I mentioned the last time I wrote here, the camper needed to have its oil changed and oil leak fixed.

On the june 26th I wanted to drive it to Warsaw to leave it to Tomek for this repair. I woke up an hour earlier than I usually do and found out that the camper simply refused to drive. It refused to start the engine. The starter was dead. Later the same day my wife pulled the camper with our lanos and this way we started the engine. Tomek thought that an old car battery was broken and didn't give enough current to the starter. He advised me to pull the camper, drive around for a while and recharge the battery and to try starting the engine after that.

Of course it didn't work. We replaced the battery with a one that we removed from lanos (one of those batteries has negative terminal on the left side while the other has that terminal on the right side which made it difficult to switch them between cars) and it didn't work either. The next morning Ania pulled me and the camper again and I drove safely to Warsaw.

I left the camper on friday, june 27th and don't have it back yet. I am a bit worried that Tomek will be able to prepare it for my summer camping trips. I hope he does. If this will be the second summer in a row when I can't drive my T3, I will sell this damn van!

Tomek went to Germany to get his own camper. His is built on some Mercedes 208 or something like that. Slow, large but equipped with some very cool stuff (like solar panels on the roof). He left my camper with one of our colleagues, I hope this guy will fix my camper.

If not, I'm prepared to drive for summer vacation with oil leaks. As you can see, I am desperate...

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