Friday, July 18, 2008

What was wrong and what was done?

I promised yesterday to write more information on what was wrong with my camper and what was done to correct it.

First of all, I need to remind you, that the camper had trouble with starting the engine and oil leaks. I drove it to Tomek (my mechanic, friend and my best man), he was supposed to change the oil and battery (the old one was in very poor shape) and to figure out why the oil leaks. He was not going to fix it unless it was relatively easy. I was prepared to drive to my summer holiday with oil leaks. Tomek with some help from Przemek (aka Igor) tried to fix the leaks but were unsuccessfull.

Tomek then moved the camper to another mechanic. A guy who repaired many volkswagen T3s in his life. But later told me that this guy won't be able to repair my van fast enough, 'cause he has to get the parts to fix gearbox lever (I complained about difficulty with switching gears here). Those parts were supposed to arrive just after he wanted to go for vacation. Tomek, feeling guilt about this, promised me to loan me his camper.

On wednesday Tomek phoned me and told me that the mechanic will fix my camper before the end of this week.

Yesterday he called me to inform me that the van is ready to be picked up.

All the trouble was caused by those idiots who switched engines and gearboxes between my T3s:

  • oil pressure gauge had to be replaced,
  • valve cover was sealed not with a seal but with silicon,
  • the gearbox lever was connected improperly.
So now I have to think what needs to be done now, prior to leaving for my holiday on wednesday...

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